Two Weeks In. How’s Your 2012 Shaping Up?

Okay, so I promised to write here more often and here’s another post to help keep up with my word.

It’s already been two weeks and it barely feels like two days!

I’ve had one photo-travel getaway, had a couple of great meetings, and I almost have all the Christmas decorations put away.

I tweeted this the end of Dec: “If ‘writing is rewriting’ and ‘editing is re-editing’, I’m going to ‘invent’ myself in 2012.” I think for me, at this point, that that means I’m going to try to really define what goals I want for myself and define, more clearly, who I am. Existentially, that, really, always changes but for this phase of “me”, I am deciding to give myself some more clearly defined “boundaries”, let’s say.

Hmm… yeah… so I guess this post is really about how as much as I want to be defined, I am always well aware that life is a “globulous” organism, constantly in flux. I’ve heard it said, “You never know which road you’re on” when it comes to career. You may start out doing one thing and never realize you’re going to be heading down a path to do another thing, that you’re going to completely enjoy but that you’ve never heard of before.

Having said all of that, let me start to define who I am. By “who I am”, I mean in the working sense. This has no bearing on what kind of person I am (necessarily), my family life nor my political views (I hate talking politics, BTW), etc. I am an editor. This itself has many definitions and is my favorite label. I am a producer. I founded and run a filmmaking usergroup. I am a student (on many levels, career and life and I consider this under the term “life-long learner”).

Now that it’s clear who I am… crystal, right…? I will try to keep my future posts related to the above four labels. (Note: “editor” label will include the occasional VFX, colorist, audio, etc. [anything post related really] topics and “producer” label may include various filmmaking topics.) I have many adventures planned this year. I hope you’ll join me.

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