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Gearing Up For NAB Show 2012 – Party Time!

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

This will be my fourth NAB (in a row). Ever since the first one, I have vowed to attend every one! They are too much fun, especially for a filmmaking gear and tech junkie like myself.

This time, Independent Filmmakers of the Inland Empire (IFIE), the group I founded, will be throwing a party!

Planning any type of get together at NAB can be tricky. Upon asking a potential sponsor if they’d like to help, they informed me that, while it was a secret right now, they were going to be announcing a BIG party that same night and I wouldn’t want to miss it…. I’m going forward with mine, just trying for an after-party, more so now.

    So far I am aware of the following parties/events that I consider “must attends”:

  • RED User Party (Sunday, 6-10-ish PM)
  • *IFIE Monster Mini Golf Presents KISS Indoor Mini Golf Tournament (Sunday?)
  • All In Film (on Monday)
  • MediaMotion Ball April 16th Monday <- Tickets available in Feb at
  • Supermeet aka FCPUG Network Supermeet (usually on a Tuesday)
  • AJA Party (?)
  • ProMax usually throws a party too…

I’ll update the list as I find out more. Comment below if your privy to any more or more details… Thanks!

Independent Filmmakers of the Inland Empire is Now an Official Adobe Users Group and a Peachpit Publishing Partner

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

In addition to having many sponsors and a rapidly growing membership base, Independent Filmmakers of the Inland Empire ( is now an official Adobe User Group, given the moniker Inland Empire Media Users Group on their groups site (

Please join us there and our meetup group and help build a stronger support base.

We are also a Peachpit Publishing Partner and that means a great discount on Peachpit Press books!

IE Filmmaking Group Going Gangbusters

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

Wednesday’s meeting of the Independent Filmmakers of the Inland Empire was a real treat and the response was an exciting surprise. There were approximately forty people in attendance, a huge jump from the eight that came to the first meeting.

February, 2010's IFIE Meeting

Since the group is new, the reasons for these first meetings were to 1) establish the group, 2) introduce filmmaking enthusiasts to one another and 3) start to organize the group and structure of the meetings. I’ve found with related past activities, like when I ran a 48 hour film project team, that it takes a number of meetings before things find their groove.

Because one of the main purposes of the group is to help filmmakers, we surveyed the group to see what they expected from coming to these meetings, how they would like the meetings to run and what they wanted to see at future meetings.

Having gone to numerous successful film related and other types of enthusiast group meetings, I am patterning the basic structure of the “IFIE” meetings after those. Taking from the desires of the group, we will be holding a structured format agenda with announcements, education, presentations, show and tells, networking time and raffles.

Filmmaking is a dynamic process and I fully expect these meetings to have a dynamic life to them but one thing’s for certain, there are a lot of independent filmmakers and related crew, talent and artists here in the Inland Empire and we are here to help them do what they what to do, create films.

Because of the overwhelming response and anticipated growth of the group, we are looking for a bigger venue in which to hold our monthly meetings.

To find out about more about the group or when and where the next meetings will take place, please visit:

Next meeting is scheduled for March 17th.

Independent Filmmakers of the Inland Empire – A Plea

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Hi Everyone!

This is just a quick update on my latest project.

I have begun organizing a local film making enthusiasts group called the “Independent Filmmakers of the Inland Empire”.

The first organizational meeting went great and we are having another next month, Wed, Feb 3rd.

The purpose of the group is to unite like-minded who enjoy filmmaking or some aspect of it. The plan is to provide A) comradery, B) education and C) support to the local filmmaking community.

The group is for the general public and will allow for many networking opportunities. I am basing the group organization and meetings off of successful meeting groups that I have been apart of. We will provide speakers, demonstrations, showcases and most importantly: RAFFLES!

I am looking for 1) members, 2) speakers and 3) sponsors!

I also would love any advice or suggestions. I have a definite idea of how this group should and will go and grow but I am very open to ideas.

If you fit into any of the categories 1-3 above, please contact me, so that we can discuss how you can contribute to the growth of indie filmmaking!

Also, if you know of anyone else that would be a great fit, let them know about us!

Thanks for listening!

for the latest updates on the group.

And see our new page:


Eric Francis Harnden
Digital Editor, Filmmaker and Industry Blogger

Quintessential Studios

9 Jan 2010 update: Thanks to

for becoming our first sponsor!

28 Jan 2010 update: Thanks to

for becoming a sponsor!

Independent Filmmakers of the Inland Empire – Jan 2010 Newsletter

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010
Last night, Jan 5, 2010, I held the first organizational meeting for the Independent Filmmakers of the Inland Empire.


Today, I sent out this email:


Hello fellow IFIE’s!


(How do you like that name!)


It was really great to meet you all last night.


I’m thinking of having the next meeting Wed, Feb 3.  How does that work for everyone?


Some events that I am aware of in January/February:


Wed Jan 13:
Los Angeles Post Production Group 
RSVP required $5 donation at the door


Tue Jan 19
Digital Media Artists of Los Angeles
Free but advanced signup needed


Tue Jan 19
Orange County MultiMedia Meetup
General Meeting: Video: Equipment and Workflow
$15/$7 students advanced signup necessary


Thur Jan 21, 10 AM:
Webinar: “Working with Greenscreen Shots”
Register here!

Tue Jan 26, 10 AM:
FREE Webinar: “What’s So Hot About Nuke?”
Register here!


Tue Jan 26, 7PM
Pizza & Post w/editor Gib Jaffe


Wed Jan 27:
Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group
$5 donation at the door

Fri Jan 29:
Everything ARRI
7:30PM on the campus of California State University Northridge, (CSUN) Seating is limited, and RSVPs are required. e-mail:
DCS membership maybe required for more info


Fri Feb 5:
9th Annual FCPUG San Francisco Supermeet
Advanced Ticket purchase needed

Thur Feb 18:
Createasphere Entertainment Technology Expo (formerly HD Expo)
Advanced registration needed


Let me know if you hear of anything else.
Here is that link that Cosmin mentioned last night:


Eric Francis Harnden
Digital Editor, Filmmaker and Industry Blogger

Quintessential Studios

and new Twitter for IFIE updates:


I am looking for speakers for our future meetings and for sponsorship from industry companies!

If you are interested in helping and supporting independent filmmaking, please contact me!

P.S. I’ll Keep updating the upcoming events as I learn more.