NAB Show 2013 – That Post Show – Video Interviews

For NAB 2013, I decided to help produce some content with the folks at

These videos are a first for That Post Show, the number one post production podcast on iTunes, Videos.  The That Post Show podcast has been all audio since its inception.  April 2013 marks the introduction of videos into the podcast stream.

You can see and hear all of the audio and video podcasts here: AKA <- A little hard to navigate but basically follow the “>>’s” or scroll down and see a list near the bottom right.

or AKA <- The iTunes page.

We’re releasing them at a steady pace and so far there are eleven (11) videos up. (Listed in latest at top order):

  • Michael Kammes at NAB 2013 <- From Keycode Media
  • Paul Babb at NAB 2013 <- From Maxon, makers of Cinema 4D
  • Dan May at NAB 2013 <- From Blackmagic Design
  • Dave Newman at NAB 2013 <- From GoPro
  • Sam Bogoch at NAB 2013 <- From Axle (a media management tool)
  • Robbie Fleming at NAB 2013 <- From Editshare (Lightworks)
  • Alexis Van Hurkman at NAB 2013 <- Filmmaker, Colorist, Trainer
  • Patrick Inhofer at NAB 2013 <- From Tao of Color and Mixing Light
  • Ted Schilowitz at NAB 2013 <- From RED
  • Steve Forde at NAB 2013 <- From Adobe
  • Jeff Chow at NAB 2013 <- From Ctrl+Console
  • It was a massive undertaking and we worked our butts off (and still are) but it was quite rewarding.


    NAB is always a special time for me, a time to spend what little precious face to face time I can with friends and colleagues from around the world.

    As I grow in the profession and come to know more and more people in it, it’s even that more special to me.

    Please take the time to discover That Post Show and meet the crew through their individual Twitter feeds, etc.  These are great souls doing great work.

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