How the NSA Inspired Me to Organize My Film Book Library

July 27th, 2013

This week I was listening to a story on public radio about the history of technology and how this all lead to the ability of the NSA to do what it does now, scan our emails and phone calls.

Some interesting early technologies that lead up to this were: the telegraph (1874), by Thomas A. Edison and, of all things, the Dewey
decimal system.   Melvil Dewey developed this system, the first hexadecimal system, to code books for cataloging.  With this number you could almost know everything that was in the book.  This was in the mid 1870’s.  In 1889, the U.S. Census bureau adopted Herman Hollerith’s punch card system to tabulate the U.S. population within weeks.  Also, by the turn of the century, American cities were wired to an innovative telegraph system for police and fire alarms.  These key factors required a lot of human interaction to work but they laid the groundwork for the technology that exists today.

The one thing that stuck with me was how amazing it was that all that information on a book could be detailed within its call number.

Coincidently, I made a film book purchase this day.  The ad read something like, “10 feet of editing and film books for $40”.  There were 89 books in all.  This brought my personal collection to over 300 film books.  I was eager to let a couple of film friends I met for dinner know about all the books I now had.  Earlier in our conversation, I had also mentioned to them about my curiosity about the Dewey decimal system and how I was now going to study it more.  One of them said, “So are you going to organize your film library with the Dewey decimal system?” and that was it!  Of course I was!

I’m still learning about it but figured a good place to start would be to just look up the call numbers of the books I have and go from there.  I currently have been able to find about 150 books’ call numbers.  They fall mainly into two major divisions 778.5 and 791.  According to the Dewey Decimal Classification:  Class 700 is fine arts and recreation.  770 is photography and photographs.  778 is specific fields and special kinds of photography; cinematography and video production; related activities.  791 is public performances.

Further classification has 778.5 as cinematography, video production, related activities. 778.59 is video production.  791.4 is motion pictures, radio, television, although I seem to have books from 791, 791.01, 791.02, 791.03, 791.1, 791.37, 791.45, 791.76, 791.9 and 791.92.

While I realize my nerdiness is showing, I’m really quite enjoying this project.  I think it’ll help me to actually read more, a goal of mine.

Going POSTal Show

June 27th, 2013

So, after NAB, a few of us got together and decided to go forward with an idea of producing a podcast.  Adam Bedford, with a history of morning radio in Australia, heads the show and it is pretty much his baby.

The theme of the show is Post, Production and Pop Culture.

The current team is:

Adam Bedford

Ben Barden

Monica Daniels

Liam Johnson

and myself.


Check it out here: or on iTunes!

Lost Boys II – My Version

May 25th, 2013

So, going through old notes, and figuring that this will probably never happen, I decided I’d share my idea for a Lost Boys II that I wrote in 2007.


Written Aug 4, 2007 – Lost Boys II (alt. title: “The Runaways”)

Directed by Joel Schumacher

Title music should be “The Devil Inside” by INXS considering that Joel directed that video for INXS.

End Credits should include music by Evanescence doing “People are Strange”

Other music should include: Marilyn Manson, Korn

Opening Scene, Lots of vampire stuff…

(Vampire POV) night flying over the ocean and a body dropping out of the sky (bloodless and landing on a car cruising the coast line.) Then as we look into the face of the lead vampire who dropped the body, we see it’s Sam! And the music starts (“The Devil Inside” by INXS)! Then an abrupt awakening because it’s Sam having a dream!

The story should revolve around Sam Emerson grown up and dealing with (wanting to be/being) a vampire.

The Frog brothers who are now: (Alan an inventor and Edgar an X-gamer married to a hot model) are called out of vampire hunter retirement to again save the town of Santa Carla.

Keifer Sutherland makes a cameo (Maybe in the dreams of Edgar as he comes to realize he should return to hunt vampires!)

Special efects will be enough to make this film superior to the first, I mean kick ass! People have to be OMG about this sequel.

The end of the TLB screenplay had the Runaways ready to take over where the Lost Boys left off. So the vampire line can continue!


So there you have it.
–Eric Francis Harnden

What’s a Slug Line Anyway?

May 9th, 2013

Recently our friend Stu Maschwitz blew us away with the surprise release of a screenwriting app Slugline.

You can hear more about it here: and read more about it here:

I guess you could say my first forays into cinema where through writing. There was a point some years earlier up the road (before I found editing) that I was sure I was going to be a screenwriter. The trouble was I never fully got up to speed on the craft. I never even learned the proper formatting for a screenplay. I just assumed somewhere up the line, I’d figure it out. I had a lot of other misconceptions then too but I still hold on to a hope that one day, I will write some damn fine movies.

To that end, last year I finally bought Final Draft. I even installed it! I used to subscribe to Creative Screenwriting too. Most of them lay around, still in their plastic wrappers. I used to go to Jeff Goldsmith’s Q & A screenings a lot. Those were and are most educational and I recommend them to filmmakers of all disciplines. I have a few books on writing and on screenwriting too. On Writing by Stephen King is my favorite. (Full disclosure, it’s the only one that I read completely.) I also at one time subscribed to this great screenwriting newsletter from the site Chris Soth sends out some great info in his newsletter. I recommend signing up for it.

The Slugline app sounds so elegant and fluid that I almost expect that once I use it, nothing will stop the stream of mind-blowing films that will flow from my “pen”. I’m half tempted to hold off until I get (they make) an iOS version to see how it would really work on a novice (who likes to jot things down on his phone all the time). The Slugline webpage also has some great tutorial information on screenwriting. Check out:

Coincidentally, this week Chris sent out the following “SLUGGIN’ IT OUT” email newsletter with some great information on slug lines. With his permission, I present it to you now:

Hey Gang,

So, a brief one this week on “slug lines”.

Slug line is slang, by the way, for what
would technically be called a “location line”.

But to be honest, I’ve never heard ANYONE
call it a location line, with the exception of
Final Draft Software. The term of art that
seems to be most bandied about the
screenwriting community is definitely
SLUG LINE. So, what is it?

(I promise my more experienced readers,
I’ll come to some slightly more unusual
information soon)

The Slug Line is that line, ALL IN CAPS,
that tells the location of the scene beneath
it. Tells whether the scene is set outside
(EXT. for “exterior”) or inside (INT. for

Like this:


Chris works on his laptop. The newsletter is late.


Now, here’s the part I learned at USC that
I’ve never heard anywhere else.

How do we arrange these slug lines. Here’s
the trick:

Slug lines go from:


So, what you want is to set the scene as quickly
and easily and with as few words as possible. And
your reader is hoping to GET the scene as fast
as possible, so, based on their knowledge:

They can stop reading as soon as they know
where they are. Take this as contrast:


Ok, that’s an exaggeration, I’d never
let a slug go to a second line, but my
point is, you can go as far as you need to
make sure your reader knows where they are
(literally!) Versus:


…etc. You’ve read this far…and you STILL don’t know
where you are, do you? And you’re confused,
it starts w/an interior, then goes to outer space…

…whereas doing it the other, way, no problem. The
office is on the lot, in Burbank, which is situated
in the USA, etc. But it happens to be an interior.

And how’s stuff at YOUR office? How’s the
screenplay coming? Could you use a new approach
to story? Come check out what we have for you at

Thanks “A Million”,

Chris (It’s OFF THE HOOK!)


So there you go! Happy writing y’all!
–Eric Francis Harnden

NAB Show 2013 – That Post Show – Video Interviews

April 19th, 2013

For NAB 2013, I decided to help produce some content with the folks at

These videos are a first for That Post Show, the number one post production podcast on iTunes, Videos.  The That Post Show podcast has been all audio since its inception.  April 2013 marks the introduction of videos into the podcast stream.

You can see and hear all of the audio and video podcasts here: AKA <- A little hard to navigate but basically follow the “>>’s” or scroll down and see a list near the bottom right.

or AKA <- The iTunes page.

We’re releasing them at a steady pace and so far there are eleven (11) videos up. (Listed in latest at top order):

  • Michael Kammes at NAB 2013 <- From Keycode Media
  • Paul Babb at NAB 2013 <- From Maxon, makers of Cinema 4D
  • Dan May at NAB 2013 <- From Blackmagic Design
  • Dave Newman at NAB 2013 <- From GoPro
  • Sam Bogoch at NAB 2013 <- From Axle (a media management tool)
  • Robbie Fleming at NAB 2013 <- From Editshare (Lightworks)
  • Alexis Van Hurkman at NAB 2013 <- Filmmaker, Colorist, Trainer
  • Patrick Inhofer at NAB 2013 <- From Tao of Color and Mixing Light
  • Ted Schilowitz at NAB 2013 <- From RED
  • Steve Forde at NAB 2013 <- From Adobe
  • Jeff Chow at NAB 2013 <- From Ctrl+Console
  • It was a massive undertaking and we worked our butts off (and still are) but it was quite rewarding.


    NAB is always a special time for me, a time to spend what little precious face to face time I can with friends and colleagues from around the world.

    As I grow in the profession and come to know more and more people in it, it’s even that more special to me.

    Please take the time to discover That Post Show and meet the crew through their individual Twitter feeds, etc.  These are great souls doing great work.

    #INKMINIGT 7 April 2013 on Twitter

    April 11th, 2013

    Check out the fun tweets and Vine videos and pics from the Twitter feed, from the Independent Filmmakers of the Inland Empire’s NAB Show 2013 KISS Mini Golf Tournament!

    Jason Konoza ‏@jasonkonoza
    Busy Sunday at @NABShow. PPW learnin’ and keynote this morning. @Sony and @Avid events this aft & @INKMINIGT KISS mini golf tonight. #whew

    Steve Courtney ‏@malderor
    Long day of learnin’. Time for #cinebeer and later KISS mini-golf with @INKMINIGT #nabshow

    Michael Kammes ‏@michaelkammes
    #Blackmagic shindig over…now heading to KISS mini golf with @quintessential and crew!

    Christina Vitagliano ‏@MonsterMiniGolf
    Have fun! “@quintessential: #INKMINIGT in full effect! (@ KISS @MonsterMiniGolf w/ @kyl33t) [pic]: ”

    Tony Vescio ‏@zebratape
    Oh yeah, this is happening…KISS Mini Golf!!! @ KISS Monster Mini-Golf

    Michael Kammes ‏@michaelkammes
    KISS Mini Golf !

    Kylee Wall ‏@kyl33t
    Just…yeah. KISS mini golf.

    Tony Vescio ‏@zebratape
    Catman @ KISS Monster Mini-Golf

    Michael Kammes ‏@michaelkammes
    More KISS mini golf

    Scott Simmons ‏@editblog
    Kiss Monster Mini Golf. Yep.

    Tony Vescio ‏@zebratape
    Oh hai! @ KISS Monster Mini-Golf

    Steve Courtney ‏@malderor
    My first introduction to @DylanReeve is us getting paired up to play KISS mini-golf together. #postchat #nabshow

    Matt Penn ‏@mattpenndotcom
    Kiss minigolf!

    Doug Daulton ‏@dougdaulton
    Rockin’ out with @oddernod. @ KISS Monster Mini-Golf

    Evan Pease ‏@Jack_McFly
    Fake Gene Simmons rockin at Kiss Monster Mini Golf.

    Ko Maruyama ‏@ninjacrayon
    Hanging with @rbirnholz and @arcohen at kiss minigolf

    Matt Penn ‏@mattpenndotcom
    KISS Mini Golf! #Magic

    Liam ‏@EditorLiam
    Kiss Minigolf #inkminigt if your in Vegas for nab, you should be here

    Carey Dissmore ‏@careyd
    Jeff Greenberg taps one in. #INKMINIGT

    Kanen Flowers ‏@kanendosei
    It’s @ninjacrayon showing his Scruffy!

    Tony Vescio ‏@zebratape
    I took it, 3 – 2 “@Jack_McFly: .@zebratape is chewing up the air hockey table. #INKMINIGT

    Evan Pease ‏@Jack_McFly
    #inkminigt & #kmmg is amazing. But lets be honest, hole 11 is total bullshit.

    Evan Pease ‏@Jack_McFly
    #postchat represented under black light at #inkminigt

    Evan Pease ‏@Jack_McFly
    The #INKMINIGT at #KMMG is a spectacle to behold. Pretty wild. #fb

    Scott Simmons ‏@editblog
    @quintessential great time @monsterminigolf for #INKMINIGT

    Brad Hagen ‏@bradvr
    @INKMINIGT thanks for hosting another great #nab event.

    #INKMINIGT (“ink”-”mini”-”G”-”T”) Official Prize List

    April 3rd, 2013
    #INKMINIGT* 2013 Official Prize List
    The following are the sponsors and below that are the prizes up for grabs at the 2013 #INKMINIGT
    Sign up to attend here:

    An Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription!
    A copy of DigiEffects’ Damage + Delirium plugin bundle for FCP, AE and Premiere Pro (a $399 value)
    A copy of DigiEffects’ Damage + Delirium plugin bundle for FCP, AE and Premiere Pro (a $399 value)
    A copy of DigiEffects’ Damage + Delirium plugin bundle for FCP, AE and Premiere Pro (a $399 value)
    A copy of Divergent Media’s ClipWrap 2.6 (a $49.99 value)
    A copy of Divergent Media’s ScopeBox 3.2 (a $99.99 value)
    An ebook copy of Avid Media Composer Cookbook (a $29.99 value)
    A copy of CrumplePop ColorKit Suite (a $149.99 value)
    A copy of CrumplePop ColorKit Suite (a $149.99 value)
    A copy of Digital Rebellion Pro Maintenance Tools (a $139 value)
    A copy of Digital Rebellion Pro Media Tools (a $99 value)
    A copy of Digital Rebellion Pro Versioner (a $59 value)
    A copy of Digital Rebellion Pro Versioner (a $59 value)
    A copy of Digital Rebellion CinePlay for iOS (a $9.99 value)
    A copy of Digital Rebellion CinePlay for iOS (a $9.99 value)
    A copy of Digital Rebellion Cut Notes for iPad (a $12.99 value)
    A copy of Digital Rebellion Cut Notes for iPad (a $12.99 value)
    A copy of Digital Rebellion Editmote for iOS (a $4.99 value)
    A copy of Digital Rebellion Editmote for iOS (a $4.99 value)
    A $500 stock footage certificate from ArtBeats (a $500 value)
    A VIP ticket to DV Expo 2013
    A ticket to SuperMeet NAB 2013 ($15 value, but really priceless!)
    A ticket to SuperMeet NAB 2013 ($15 value, but really priceless!)
    A ticket to SuperMeet NAB 2013 ($15 value, but really priceless!)
    A copy of Indie Film Boot Camp from Down & Dirty DV (a $130 value)
    A $100 Voucher to spend at (a $100 value)
    A T-Shirt from (a $18 value)
    A T-Shirt from (a $20 value)
    A T-Shirt from (a $20 value)
    3D Tracker training from Toolfarm (a $62 value)
    Book: Filmmakers and Financing from Focal Press (a $29.95 value)
    Book: FilmCraft: Producing from Focal Press (a $29.95 value)
    Book: The Videomaker Guide to Video Production from Focal Press (a $24.95 value)
    Book: DSLR Cinema from Focal Press (a $39.95 value)
    Book: The Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro X from Focal Press (a $29.95 value)
    Book: After Effects Apprentice from Focal Press (a $49.95 value)
    Book: The Screenwriter’s Roadmap from Focal Press (a $21.95 value)
    Book: Grammar of the Shot from Focal Press (a $24.95 value)
    Book: Preparing For Takeoff from Focal Press (a $29.95 value)
    Blackmagic Design UltraStudio 3D (a $995 value)
    Blackmagic Design Mini Recorder (a $145 value)
    Blackmagic Design Mini Monitor (a $145 value)
    A DSLR Baseplate v2 from (a 219.99 value)
    A DSLR Baseplate v2 from (a 219.99 value)
    A copy of Sony Vegas Pro v12 (a $679.95 value)
    A copy of Sony Vegas Pro v12 (a $679.95 value)
    A DVD Templet Set provided by Advantage Video Systems
    A copy of Tecnicolor CineColor provided by Advantage Video Systems
    Something from NewBlueFX
    And more….
    *#INKMINIGT = [I]FIE (Independent Filmmakers of the Inland Empire) [N]AB (National Association of Broadcasters’ NAB Show) [K]ISS (by Monster [Mini] [G]olf) [T]ournament. #INKMINIGT is the official hashtag for the event. Get involved! Tweet it up!
    Things to do before and after #INKMINIGT:
    Sunday night 7 PM – Midnight
    Sunday night 8 PM – ???
    Informal get together The MediaMotion Ball team and many NAB regulars get together. This year the meetup location is Gordon Biersch – 3987 Paradise Road Las Vegas:
    Sunday Night 8 PM – 10 PM
    NAB + RED Content Creators Party
    Sunday night 10 PM – Midnight
    Monday Night 4 PM – 5 PM (close to SU902)
    #PostChat Tweetup
    Monday Night 5:30 PM – 9:45 PM
    Tuesday Night 4:30 PM – 11 PM
    Tuesday Night 8 PM – Midnight
    Wednesday Night 8:30 PM – 11:30 PM
    Edit Geek’s Penn & Teller Outing

    No Whining on the Yacht — Why I Love the Scruffy Thinking Podcast

    January 25th, 2013

    *Explicit Tag*

    I don’t believe in luck, good or bad. Although, I don’t discount tragedy.

    I’m fairly certain life is a fucked up dichotomy that’s always throwing shit at you and yet gives you the opportunity to behold the most beautiful experiences there are to behold. I think in the face of this, we use whatever guile we have to hopefully steer us in the direction of more of the latter.

    In travelling this road, I’ve recently and not so recently made some observations. To borrow from a quote in “The Long Kiss Goodnight”, “Life is pain! Get used to it!” or more specifically, my feeling is: “Life is not fair. Get used to it.” Moreover, if you want anything in life, you have to actually go get it.

    “People aren’t lucky.”
    The appearance of luck is really a whole shit-ton of hard work and putting yourself into situations where “luck” can happen. Luck is action.

    “The grass is always greener on the other side”. This is a funny one. A co-worker and I were discussing this a bit the other day. He talked about how a young man asked an older man, “should I get married?” The morale of the story was basically, if you do you’ll always be wondering what life would be like if you didn’t and if you don’t, you’ll always be wondering what life would have been like if you had. We’re always wondering, “what if?” That’s human nature. I had the epiphany “what if you didn’t always wonder and were completely satisfied with every decision you made?”

    “If you aren’t living the most beautiful existence you can, it’s your own damn fault!”
    You cannot blame anyone else. You can but it won’t lead you out. I’ve got to tell you I am living an extremely “lucky/blessed” existence. I have amazing experiences and I get to meet amazing people. I also have “amazing” kids! They are the light of my life and encompass the entirety of my purpose to exist. I can’t go on enough about this aspect of my life so I’ll just leave it at that. I work hard at it. But like someone told me a long, long time ago, “it’s easier to live in a higher condition than in a lower one.” In other words, you may think it’s a long long hard road and see nothing but more hard work in the future but when you get to a certain level it’s less work to maintain a good existence than you would be or are exerting at a lower one.

    “Don’t let your past control your future!”
    We have experienced failure and it “hurts” but to let that pain control you, will limit you. Just imagine if you lived the life you wanted to live and nothing held you back. That is what’s possible. Life will continue to throw shit. Know that and move on.

    “Get over it!” This one is a hard one for me but the more I can apply it, the better I am for it. There is tragedy and there are people who would like nothing better than to piss you (or anyone) off. The more you stick to those moments in life, the less positive energy you have to create more good in your life and the lives of others. Shake it off.

    “Help others.”
    Spend time helping others. There is so much selfishness in the world that it sometimes has the ability to spread around like an unfortunate oil spill, getting goo all over. Remove yourself from that goo and do something to help others, volunteer somewhere, tutor someone, give to a family services charity or do whatever you want that helps. It will feel good.

    “Look, Listen and Learn.”
    I, for one, hate stupidity. I see people making mistakes all the time. The majority of the time, it is because people go on automatic. They are not present in the moment. They are walking through a world they have imagined in their heads and assume that’s the reality of what’s outside their head. Also, there is so much wisdom around. Be here and now and look around and observe. Listen to what the world is telling you. Listen to what people are saying around you. And, learn from it.

    “There’s no whining on the yacht.”
    I learned this one from Kanen Flowers of Scruffy Thinking. He learned it from someone and he says it from time to time on his podcasts to emphasize how silly it is to complain about such small uncomfortable situations when we’re living a pretty amazing life. It’s true. We are. And if you don’t think you are, see above or perhaps just look at it from another angle. My wife gave a sigh this morning about some task she was about to do. I just told her, “There’s no whining on the yacht!” I mean look at the most amazing day you are about to spend, enjoying time with our amazing children. This is a time that will not repeat itself. Take it in and sip the champagne!

    When you put together the meanings of all of the sayings above, and apply them to your life, one could get a pretty remarkable outlook on life and move forward with huge leaps and bounds.

    This is what has happened to me, with the help of the Scruffy Thinking podcast and other experiences that I choose to expose myself to. I am experiencing a change in my view on life. Kanen has conversations with some of the most amazing people and through their sharing of life views, I have been able to examine my own life and experiences and synthesize my own ideas and approaches that I want to take. The paragraphs above are an example of that. This is why I love all of the Scruffy Thinking podcasts: Scruffy Thinking, Ruining it For Everyone and That Post Show. So, thank you Kanen! What you do means a lot. I feel you are contributing to a better world. Again, thank you!

    40 years ago ACE started the Student Editor Program/Competition

    December 7th, 2012

    As probably one of the oldest editing students in existence, (I’m a late bloomer. What can I say?) I am challenging myself to do and learn all I can in this field that has captured my heart and soul. For the past almost five years, I have been taking college filmmaking classes, starting with my first editing class on February 18, 2008.
    I have been to many events and have met many award winning editors, including Eric Kench who took home the Student Editing Award last year:

    In my pursuit of editing knowledge, I recently made an eBay purchase of old American Cinemeditor magazine, the then ACE publication, and I found this among it’s pages:

    Photo from the Winter, 1972-73 American Cinemeditor Magazine

    So, forty years ago (I was five-years old) this competition began. ‘Could it be an omen? I hope so!

    Either way, I’m proud to be participating in the competion this year and being a part of such a rich history of cinema editing. This upcoming ACE Eddie awards is February 16, 2013, almost exactly five years since I started this journey!

    Congratulations to all the participants this year and years past, I am humbled and honored to be in your company.

    The State of Shrinking Expos and Budgets (or more, really, What I Found Interesting at Createasphere’s ETE)

    November 9th, 2012

    I find it kind of sad to see expositions like DV Expo and Createasphere’s Entertainment Technology Expo shrinking in size. But, I guess, that’s a sign of the times.

    I don’t know what that sign represents but it’s a sign of something.

    One thing I’ve found is that while there are less companies and attendees at these expos, there is an opportunity to get more quality networking accomplished.

    I also like the fact that I can discover cool things based on what others find interesting at the show.

    The first, most vocal, booth wrangler was, I’m assuming, Alex Mikhaylov (at least that’s what the card he gave me said) from Production Tube ( He basically stated that it was a free site to post Who you were, what you did and videos, etc.

    I ran into a few people I knew there. One, Thomas Mathai (@rebeldigitalgod), pointed me to Scayl (, @scayl). I went there and talked to the EVP, Lars Soderstrom. Scayl is apparently “email without limits”. In other words, you can share large video files via email, as long as you both have a Scayl account. The service is free, up to a point, but can be very scalable to large companies. He wants people to give it a try, to see how they like it and to help get the word out about it. This is a new service that has a lot of potential for many uses. So you got a large file you want to send to someone? Give it a try.

    Noah Gusdorff and crew from Creative Mobile Solutions ( introduced me to the Magma (, @magmaexpressbox) folks who have a *very* interesting Thunderbolt to PCI-E slot solution. Take a look at these pictures and see if you can see what I mean.

    Yes. All that stuff is connected to the 15″ retina display macbook pro!

    Michael Kammes from Key Code Media was on hand to show off their interesting take on LEGOs and clay (actually he was showing shooting with a Red and splitting the signal off to a couple of places for PRoRes files (or DNxHD) and proxies and live streaming through a NewTek TriCaster) but he also pointed out Assimilate’s booth which was showing off a 4K Dolby monitor, which didn’t really impress me. Maybe because the guys working the booth were too busy sitting around bullshitting with each other to give a crap about us being there.

    LAPPG ( had a booth there. Yay!

    And there were a couple free magazines on hand.

    For my entertainment value, I sat in on the Peter Deming, ASC presentation. What a career this guys has! That was quite a presentation. Very glad I attended that one. (I’m sure they’ll post the video soon.) (It’s now posted! Click link above or on pic.)

    And then the “reception”. Last year it was bigger and had free grub. This year, you had to buy at the taco truck.

    Of the 20 people that told me that they were going, I saw four and heard another two were there at other times. (I find people not so motivated to attend things, lately.)

    The reception was a bit dull, so we opted to go to Denny’s across the street rather than even cashing in our free drink tickets.

    Did have a great time meeting with Brian C. Janes (@briancjanes) and talking post, freelance and entrepreneurial slants.